Lay Your Sea Coat Aside
Lori Scacco & Eva Puyuelo are Storms.

Written, performed, and produced by Storms.
Words by Ann Stephenson, arranged by Storms.
Album artwork by October and Guild Projects, London.
Web by Pública Rica, NYC. Premastering and additional mixing
by Matt Shane at Walkup Studios, NYC.
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, LA.


Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo first met through mutual friend and collaborator Guillermo Scott Herren when Lori was asked to tour as part of the Savath & Savalas live band. Years later as Lori was writing new solo material and Eva was in New York recording with Savath & Savalas, she invited Eva to join her on one song for her new record which, at the time, was intended to be mostly instrumental. They soon discovered that they had a deep-rooted creative connection and a shared love of 70’s psych-folk one-offs, so they made a plan to bring Eva back to the states in the coming months to begin work on a full-length. Lay Your Sea Coat Aside is the result of 5 weeks spent sequestered in New York City, immersed in a wholly collaborative exchange. Inspired by Linda Perhacs, Extradition, Nico, and Elis Regina’s most stripped down collaborations with Milton Nascimento, they poured over a number of guitar pieces Lori had amassed throughout the initial writing stages and developed an explorative practice that would define every instant of their work together.

Adopting a compositional philosophy in which nothing is static and the introduction of any new element could dictate changes to the whole, Lori crafted elastic instrumental narratives that served as a point of departure. Eva replied with strings of melodies and harmonies, and together they collaged their material, recording well into the night, always writing and deconstructing as they went. In the early mornings they collected what they had done, reintroduced certain artifacts or deconstructed further, and the process would begin again with an infectious urgency. They ended up with a series of wordless compositions—some dense with vocal harmonies and field recordings, some stripped bare of any accompaniments—that together formed an intimate, immersive sonic landscape. They became Storms.

Once they had a clear sense of their concept, for the lyrical content they brought in Ann Stephenson, a New York poet whose evocative expeditions of language fit perfectly into their visceral musical ground. Communicating via email and sending tracks back and forth, Ann provided a series of lyrical sketches that Lori and Eva used as raw material to collage, rearrange, or sometimes use in their entirety. Each of the 3 components—vocal, instrumental, and lyrical—constantly folded into and informed the others, always remaining fluid and malleable. The resulting record achieves a tactile minimalism, manifested through texture of breath and voice, elemental acoustic resonance, and a celebration of the immediacy of place.

Lori Scacco was a founding member of Seely (Too Pure, U.K.) and released her first solo recording, Circles, on Eastern Developments Music. She lives in New York.

Eva Puyuelo is a member of Savath & Savalas (Warp). She lives in Barcelona.

Storms is available at the following locations.


Plancha, Japan
Darla, U.S.
Cargo, U.K.




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Ink 19

Storms is everything that so many would-be psychedelic maidens with acoustic guitars long to be. Outstripping Orenda Fink and the Chapin Sisters with ease, the music that Storms makes is like beautiful, melancholy tapestries that sloooooooowly unfurl before your very ears.     :: read more ::

Record Dept.

Storms are Lori Scacco (Seely) and Barcelonian Eva Puyuelo (Savath & Savalas) and their debut album of minimalist psych folk is Lay Your Sea Coat Aside. Crafted in New York City during an intensive, five week process based collaboration, the duo was joined by local poet Ann Stephenson, who contributed the image laden lyrics.     :: read more ::


This is Lori from the Too Pure band Seely and a pal doing some hypnotic, psychedelic folk rock that is occasionally trance inducing. Not totally unlike what Jose Gonzales is doing and whole it gets a bit too out there at times they usually bring it back to reality and keep the groove.    http://www.daggerzine.com/reviews_short.html

Terrascope, UK

One of the most striking impressions of this debut album by Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo is the inappropriateness of their chosen collective name. The duo’s sound is almost impossibly calming, based around simple, almost minimalist accompaniment (mostly guitar but also some tinkling chimes and other light percussion) and breathy harmonies to which have been added lyrics courtesy of New York poet Ann Stephenson. The key impression, though, is just how damned gorgeous and timeless it is.    :: read more ::


"Lay your seat coat aside" is the debut album by Storms, a duo formed by Lori Scacco (Seely) and Eva Puyuelo (Savath & Savalas), but which could be almost considered as a trio, the lyrics were written by Ann Stephenson. Lori (living in New York) and Eva (from Barcelona) met each other through their mutual friend Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) and started a friendship which finally evolved into a successful collaboration.    :: read more ::

Campus Circle

Storms members Lori Scacco and Eva Puyuelo have created a beautiful record titled Lay Your Sea Coat Aside. Filled with peaceful bells and dream-state guitars, this album travels smoothly across the air providing a soothing atmosphere.  Together, Scacco and Puyuelo develop a complete state of relaxation through their lullaby renditions and gentle humming vocals. During the opening track “Wolves and Bells,” experimental elements are instantly detected by warping backward vocals that blend magically with the raw layers of acoustic instruments.    :: read more ::

10 Listens

Driving to Merritt, NC is a chore. The speed limit fluctuates from small town to small town so quickly that your foot feels leaded as you drop from 55 to 25. My strategy? I just take my foot off of the gas entirely. Cruising through the small towns (my favorite name is Alliance, NC) gives me nothing to say, nothing to talk about. This is essentially where I grew up, and I rarely get the chance to see so much stillness. This past trip, I went to hang out with my mother for a step-family reunion. And during one of the most boring drives in known history, I was riveted. I was listening to my favorite album of this young year, Storms’ Lay Your Sea Coat Aside.    :: read more ::

MTV Iggy

Spain’s Eva Puyuelo and the US’s Lori Scacco’s new psych folk project is called Storms, but their sound evokes the special kinds of calm to be found before and after the storm — more than the storm itself.     :: read more ::

31 Songs for Japan


Shortly after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, I was asked by Flau Records to contribute a track to "31 Songs for Japan", a compilation to benefit the Japanese Red Cross in their relief efforts.  Recovery is ongoing, and it's never too late to help - click above to listen and buy the whole gorgeous collection.  I'm proud to be a part of it.
- Lori


Stormy Weather: Storms Talks with Totally Crushed Out


by Ryan Pangilinan

With one full-length album to their collective credit, NY/Spain-based duo Storms has already put in more legwork for their debut record than most bands do on their fourth release. Of course, Storms is helmed by Eva Puyuelo of Savath and Savalas and Lori Scacco of Seely, so perhaps it’s no surprise that their professionalism, art and songwriting savvy are all equal parts of a greater sum.

Storms’ debut LP, “Lay Your Sea Coat Aside,” (Plancha) is gentle and sparse narrative that is aesthetically pleasing and conceptually tight. Recently, Puyuelo and Scacco talked to Totally Crushed Out about the writing process for Storms and other dream collaborators they would have, provided a time machine and acts of God were possible    :: read more ::
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